The Theater Celebration

Jerash Farm House 


Located 48 km north of Amman and nestled in a quiet valley among the mountains of ilead, is the grandeur of Imperial  Rome being one of  the largest and most  well reserved sites of Roman architecture in the World outside Italy. While the historical roman architectural heritage has been preserved to this day, its paved and colonnaded streets, soaring hilltop temples, handsome theaters, spacious public squares  and plazas, baths, fountains and city walls pierced by towers and gates remain in exceptional condition, new architectural elements have been adopted to meet the conservative religious views of these locals, one of them was The Mashrabiya for privacy issues and the lodges  (the cabines, the chalets) that has been introduced to serve the tourists of the citadel.


Our design intends to celebrate the past with it's main combining space "the theater" metaphor, together with  the present "the social impact" which respects the inhabitants and their traditions all together in contemporary manner. Designing the layout of the farm house, we aimed to maintain the idea of the separate cabines   that  are  to  define the area of the master bedrooms while the community social spaces  were  represented  in  the plaza to become the living room and dining area, The celebration part though, is the journey through the entrance to the outdoor space.The mashrabiya is to be from organic clay  using  our  site’s  resources,while the columns will be finished with a stone finish similar to Jerash theater.

ASALI 2014