The Hot Springs Villa

Deadsea Private Villa  

- Location       : Dead sea, Jordan. 
- Site area      : 800 sq.m.
- Built up area : 200 sq.m.

Deadsea ,


The Dead Sea is about 50 km to the West of Amman.  On our way we can go  through Al Zara district which is famous for it's hot springs and waterfalls, it is the center where the Ma'in hot springs flow into the dead sea, that's why it is richer in mineral content than most other sources, these mineral waters have been renowned for their therapeutic qualities since many yearsTwo main hot springs pass through  our  land, the temperature of  the  water reaches 44.8 Celsius and you can see the steam fuming over the streams of water.


The social area was designed, to the south, a free standing wall  that separates the service area from the living room and the dining  area.  The  dining table and the bar area was  designed above  an  indoor  water  feature,  the  table  which ismade of an old tree stem stands on the water  feature and sculpturally penetrates the fixed glass panel to  form  the  outdoor  dining  and  BBQ  area  sided  by  an overflowing swimming  pool  with  a wooden platform  around, and  the duo-sided fireplace which can be  experienced from  the inside-out, added  a special quality to the space.


Grey Travertine stone was chosen as an outer skin of the house, as it shows it's ability to resist humidity and the weather conditions. While designing the hard landscape, the steep contour on  the  site  allowed  us to create the  natural  overflow for the  swimming pool  and the  Jacuzzi’s  sculptural rock. For the soft landscape, the major evergreen climber here was the Bougainvillea.

ASALI 2014