commodore hotel


- Location       : Amman, Jordan.
- Built up area : 4000 sq.m.

The Commodore Hotel is an upscale urban designed hotel with a unique style that defines contemporary hospitality. The commodore provides innovative spaces  of  freedom  and  comfort that suit guests needs, as well as sophisticated, luxurious inspired aesthetics that bring the culture of the location alive. We propose that we push back the existing main entry to create a more spacious hotel entrance and a drop-off area. Reflecting pools and a designer waiting area compliment the  glass facade and  give a modern vibe to the hotel. An onyx sculpture penetrates the facade and connects the interior with the exterior. It also functions as the reception desk ; thus  defining  and  illuminating the registration area.


 As the lobby is the main hub of thw hotel, we propose  an  open  layout with clean lines and modern furniture and  smart solutions for existing design issues such as the number of columns. All the suites have a simple, luxurious design and an open space layout which emphasizes the use of natural lighting. The furniture works with the color scheme to create an elegant tasteful interior.

ASALI 2015