baghdad office building


- Location       : Baghdad, Iraq.
- Site area      : 750 sq.m.
- Built up area : 300 sq.m.

A prestigious medical company has chosen an old residential villa with  twofloor levels to become its main office in Baghdad, spaces has  been dividedas per clients needs  and  requirements  using  laminated   glass  partitions,  gypsum board and wood cladding  Within  the  indoor  space, three  major  areas were designed: The stairscase and the meeting room in the  ground floor . The  staircase  that  was  part of  the  old  building ,  the  thread  of  the stairs has been supported on the side  of a  structural  wall,  the  steps shows  as  they are flying, when we use the stair, you can  see  through  the  riser,  there where  we  create  a  soft  landscape  with  gravel  and directional  lighting  ( Japanese garden)  under the stair, that space  The reception area and the reception desk  was designed  using  corian  and wood, The meeting room in the first floor levelThe roof has  been  added to become  a private  suite  for the  CEO  of  the  company. 


The exterior  facades  has  been  designed keeping the  traces  of  the past while adding a second mask above them of steel work, for  security reasons,   all  opening   were  designed  to  be  well  secured ,   in   the  other  hand    these  louvers  have  worked  as a  shade  controller  that help to control heat transfer. 

ASALI 2014