mandala beauty clinic


- Location       : Amman, Jordan.

- Built up area : 200 sq.m.

Site constraints were the key to design one of the best medical clinics in Amman. Four operation rooms, two laser units, two offices, and one main certified operationroom and all their mechanical and public functions, all these requirements  were  to be designed within the very small space of  220sq.m,  making sure  that  all these spaces function properly and with the most  effective  and  productive  atmosphere for all employees. Only one window opening of 12m was to serve that area and from  here  the  design starts, all circulation has  been  made  through  a corridor adjacent  to  the  window, opening the source of light and ventilation, all other required spaces were pushed to the  inner  zone with  an  aluminum  double  glass  partitions  for sound  insulation, translucent glass pattern has been designed in the eye level for  privacy  while  the other part of the glass has been transparent for natural light  access, mirrors has been added in the room that reflect the gallery  as well and give the illusion of depth to the space. 


Mechanical ventilation has been studied in the operations and laser units for medical reasons and to control dust from the fresh air unit. All finish materials were chosen to be as per medical specifications and requirements. The source of light, the corridor, has become the gallery of the  clinic  that  displays artistic panels showing the silhouettes of previous patients  and the  beauty  of  the cosmetic surgeries, lying above  white  gravel  with  indirect  light  above,  an  audio system has been applied as well playing  soft  music  background  to  eliminate  the noise of the outdoor traffic in the adjacent area and to enhance the  experience of meditation and relaxation inside the clinic.

ASALI 2015