shnaneh family house


- Location : Amman, Jordan.

- Built up area : 550 sq.m.

Shnaneh residence was built around 15 years before our client came  in for a renovation and interior works,having visited the house, we  wanted  to rearrange the whole spacing in  the  first  floor  to  accomodate to the single lady living in the house, so we merged more than 60% of the floor to a huge master bedroom, with a big closet and bathroom for her use. Interior works were done in all rooms of  the  ground  floor, including the refurbishing of the inner courtyard. As for the building itself, we added several elements, including wooden louvers  and  cladding  for the entrance  mass, and redid the whole  elevations, also the front and backyard’s landscapes.

ASALI 2015